Irish driver’s license

Obtaining an Irish driver’s license, also known as a “driving licence” in Ireland, is a structured process that involves training, exams, and the submission of required documents. The process may vary depending on your age and the type of license you are applying for.



Driving licence in Ireland

The Irish driver’s license, officially known as the Irish driving license, is a legal document issued by the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) in Ireland. It permits individuals to drive motor vehicles on public roads within the country, subject to certain conditions and endorsements.

An international driving permit allows you to drive in foreign countries without further tests or applications. Find out how to apply for a permit, the costs involved and the countries in which you can use your permit

How to apply for full driving licence ireland

There are 2 ways that you can apply for your driving licence.

  1. Online at, or
  2. In person by booking an appointment at an NDLS centre.

Apply online

To apply for your driving licence online, you will need:

*If your PSC photo is over 10 years old, you must renew it on MyWelfare first using a verified MyGovID. Then apply online at for your driving licence.

If you apply online, you do not have to provide your Certificate of Competence (the document that proves that you passed the driving test).

Read more about the online application process on the NDLS website.

Apply in person

You can apply for your driving licence in person by booking an appointment at one of 34 NDLS centres nationwide. There is no walk-in service available.

You will need to bring:

  • Appropriate Identification,
  • Supporting documentation, and
  • The fee (see ‘Rates’ above)

Unless you want to make your application in Irish, you are no longer required to submit an application form. However, you do need to prove your identity. Your photograph and signature will be captured at the NDLS centre.


In most cases, a Public Service Card (PSC) is used to verify your details and process your application.

If you don’t have a PSC, you will need to submit the following 4 pieces of documentary evidence:

  1. Photo ID
  2. Evidence of your address
  3. Evidence of your PPS number
  4. Evidence of your normal residence

You can read more about the types of documents the NDLS will accept as evidence regarding each of these criteria in their guidance notes (pdf).

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